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Why Does Your Business Need Professional Images and What Type of Session is Best for You?

The term “Personal Branding” is huge right now, and with good reason. Your personal brand is the way you project yourself to the world. This should be a reflection of who you are and how you wish to serve others.

People do not purchase your product or use your service simply because they need that item or service. They purchase from you because of YOU. They can likely get whatever you are selling somewhere else. They want it from you because they have connected with you, because they trust you, and because they believe that you excel at what you do.

Promoting yourself and your product or service with professional images will help to instill confidence in your business and take your company to the next level.

When choosing a portrait session for your business, you have two great options. You can choose a more traditional headshot session or a full personal branding session.

A Headshot session a great way to put a promote yourself in a professional manner on any platform. This session is great for business owners who do not need images to refresh content on their social media or marketing platforms and new business owners who may not have a Personal Branding session in the budget, but understand the importance of professional images.

This session typically includes one outfit with a possible change in accessories and one location. This is a shorter session that will provide you with beautiful images to show off your personality and promote yourself to potential clients.

A Personal Branding session is the perfect way to market your product or service AND yourself. If you have a business which hinges on making connections with your target market (and most of us do!), a Personal Branding session is right for you. If you are building your business or would like to showcase what you do, a Personal Branding session is also right for you.

Your Personal Branding session will feature you and show your personality as well as important aspects of your business and interests. Think fun, engaging and authentic. A personal branding session tells your story and allows potential clients to connect with you and feel confident reaching out to you. We will capture you doing what you do best and allow your clients a peek into your day to day.

This session can include multiple locations and outfits to give you a wide range of content to be used over time for your social media platforms, website, and marketing materials. It will allow you to periodically release fresh images and increase engagement with your audience.

In a time when your clients will almost always see your online presence before they see you, be sure they are seeing you at your very best. When you are ready, I would love to help you transform your business profile to project yourself in the most professional manner and draw in more clients for your growing business.



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