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Tips for Making Your Wedding Family Photos a Breeze | Buffalo, Rochester & Batavia Weddings

Family formals at your wedding can be a little chaotic but are so important to capture. They are a wonderful keepsake and a great way to make grandma and Aunt Cheryl feel special and included in your celebration.

In order to help make this process smooth and easy for everyone involved, I've put together some tips for making your wedding family photos a breeze! 1. Provide your photographer with a written list of each person in each grouping you desire. This allows the photographer to call people by name, as opposed to just saying "Bride's family." It is a great way for the person to feel special and also for the photographer to be sure that no one has been missed. (I encourage my brides to list a maximum of 10-15 groups as more than that can be lengthy and take time away from your bridal party and bride and groom portraits.)

2. Assign someone in the bridal party to help gather the correct family members for each photo. Your photographer has the list, but won't be able to pick cousin Jill out of the crowd, so it's nice to have someone designated to help the photographer locate people in the event that they are not ready for their turn in front of the camera.

3. Keep the location for family photos close to the ceremony spot. If you let people start mingling and wandering toward the reception area, you are much more likely to lose them in the shuffle. Keeping the family formals at the ceremony site (or close by) helps to speed up the process so that you can move onto bridal party photos and they can head over to cocktail hour!

4. Be sure to give your photographer a heads up about any special circumstances. This could be anything you want the photographer to be mindful of during photos. For example, if there is a strained relationship between two family members who are in the same group photo, the photographer can place them on opposite sides of the group so they do not need to interact in order to be there with the you on your special day.



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