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Style Tips: Dressing Your Family for Your Next Photo Session

Dressing your family for photos does not need to be a daunting task. Follow the four simple tips below and you will have stylish, coordinated photos that you will love!

1. Mom, choose your outfit first. -- We are often most difficult on ourselves in photos. It's hard to love a beautiful photo of our family, if we don't feel we look our best. This is why I always recommend that you choose something you feel comfortable and confident in, and dress the rest of your family according to you. (If we're being honest, most of the time Dad and the kids don't care what they've got on anyway!)

2. Choose at least 3 colors to be part of your family color scheme. -- There is an old fashioned idea that everyone in the picture needs to have on matching clothing. This is not true! Coordinating is far better than matching. Choose colors that look nice together, but don't fall into the trap that you all need to be wearing the exact same blue shirt. Your photos will be far more interesting with some variation.

3. Don't be afraid of patterns and bold accessories. -- Add in a solid shirt for one person, maybe a floral pattern for another. Remember, the key is to coordinate, so the colors in your prints and patterns are your friend! Consider adding a statement necklace or scarf to your outfit, and for your family, consider accessories such as a vest, belt, jacket, hat, suspenders, headband, etc. Accessories are the perfect way to give a finishing touch to your look, and they can really set your photos apart.

4. Avoid neon colors or dressing everyone in white. -- Neon colors will cast bright hues onto your skin in photos, and can make it difficult to capture your natural skin tones. Too much white can wash out some skin tones. This isn't to say you can't have any white on, but it might be best to not make it your principle color of choice for every person in your photo shoot.

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