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In-Home Lifestyle Sessions Explained | Fauquier, VA | Child & Family Photographer

The term “In-Home Lifestyle Session” is used to describe a photo session which takes place in your home and captures your family doing activities you enjoy together. These sessions are an incredible way to document the things your children will remember most about their childhood.

In-home lifestyle sessions offer a less posed, more candid style of shooting. You will be gently guided through the session in a way that allows you to relax and be yourself, while still positioning you for good lighting and amazing images.

The best part about in-home lifestyle sessions is that they happen in your home. This is really where memories are made. It’s a place of peace and comfort for your children and the place they will keep coming back to as they grow older.

Holding the session in your home allows us to capture your family engaging with one another and doing your favorite things. It is really amazing to see the differences year to year in what your children were interested in and what their favorite toys, books, and games were at that time.

These sessions preserve this time in your life and the lives of your little (or not so little) ones. Is your living room full or toys? Or perhaps you have temporarily turned the spare bedroom into a dance studio. Maybe the busiest place in the house is the kitchen (someone always seems to need a snack!). Let's freeze these moments in time for you to look back on as your family grows.

These things that seem so crazy to us now, are the same things that

will be long gone before we know it. It is such a gift to yourself and your children to document this beautiful chaos before it passes you by.

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