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Activities for Your In-Home Lifestyle Session | Fauquier, VA | Child & Family Photographer

In-home lifestyle sessions are photo sessions which happen in your home and capture your family playing and enjoying time together. When you schedule an in-home lifestyle session, you will be asked what types of activities you would like to showcase during your session. Read on for some great ideas: 1. Reading - If you have little ones, snuggling up with a book makes for really sweet images. This can be done in a favorite chair/couch, the floor, or on the master bed. If your children are bigger, you can still read one book together, or you can have everyone grab their favorite book and snuggle up or spread out across the room. Whatever is natural to your family is exactly what we are trying to capture.

2. Playing Games - Games can be anything from cards or board games, to ping pong or floor hockey. Playing together during the session tends to elicit lots of natural smiles and joy. It also helps reluctant or nervous kids (or spouses!) to settle in and forget the camera is there.

3. Art Projects - Some families love to craft, paint, or create together. If that sounds like you, photographing part of that process is a wonderful way to show what your children were enjoying at this stage.

4. Something that is uniquely you! - Do you do something that is really special to just your family? Maybe you are all into unicycling, puppetry, yoga, or something I couldn’t even begin to think of. Those photos make the session super fun and personal.

5. Baking/Cooking - Do you love to be in the kitchen together? Maybe you have a favorite family recipe, or you love baking cookies or some other tasty treat. Put that mess making to good use and get some yummy food and awesome photos!

6. Individual Activities - It can be really sweet to see each of your children in their personal space doing something they enjoy on their own. This could be building legos, journaling, reading, playing dolls, a stuffed animal tea party and more. My favorite thing about these images is that you can look back on this stage of life and remember these small, important moments so vividly.

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