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What is a Couture Dress Experience?

A couture dress experience is a magical session in which your sweet child  is transformed into a princess, complete with light make-up, a keepsake tiara and a handmade couture ballgown.  

We will begin by building confidence as we apply light make-up and talk with
her about how beautiful she is, inside and out. Next, she will select her favorite crown or tiara to wear during the session and to take home with her as well.  The real magic happens when she puts on the dress and sees herself for the first time.  The way a little girl lights up in her dress melts my heart every time.  

The fun continues as she gets to twirl, pose, and act the part of a true princess while we create memories and capture genuine smiles.

Why Schedule a Couture Dress Experience?

1. Confidence.  Studies have shown that children who have portraits displayed on the walls of their home report higher self-esteem and a stronger sense of belonging within their family unit.  What better way to wake up for a new day than to see a gorgeous portrait of yourself that your parents cherished enough to invest in and hang in your room?!

2. Fun.  Couture dress sessions are a blast!  These dresses are handmade and truly one-of-a-kind.  They are made with an incredible amount of fabric which gives them amazing twirl and volume.  Girls love the swishy movement and playful poof of these dresses!

3. Timeless Artwork.  Beautiful artwork of your child is a precious gift to give them.  These pieces will be cherished now and forever.  They will be lovingly displayed and passed down for generations.  What a beautiful legacy!

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