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My Favorite Props for Your Milestone Session

Milestone sessions are some of my favorites. They are intended to showcase your child exactly as they are at this time in their life.

Several milestone sessions can be booked for infants. Newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month photos are all examples of milestones you may want to capture. Baby grows incredibly fast in their first year and each session shows their changes and progress as well as their developing personality.

These sessions can also be booked for children at each birthday. A session to commemorate each year of growth and show how they have changed in looks and interests from year to year. These sessions can take place in a studio, the outdoors, or a special location to your child.

Senior sessions are also an important milestone not to be missed! Senior year is often an amazing year of growth and change for a young adult and a photo session is a special way to honor all they have accomplished as well celebrate the amazing person they have become.

My photography style is minimal on props as I like to keep the focus on my subject. Fewer props on set means that the person in the photographs will shine bright and not be overshadowed by things. That being said, there are a few props I LOVE and encourage you to incorporate into your child’s milestone session.

1. A number or age sign for little ones and birthday milestones. I always like to have a photo or two with their age in it during the session. This allows us to easily look back and see when the photos were captured without having to figure out where the image is catalogued.

2. A favorite toy or toys. One of the best parts about milestone photography for me is getting to know your little people! They change and grow so fast it is really fun to see what they are into each year. It’s also great when looking back on those photos to remember what items were special to them and see the things that stood the test of time year after year.

3. A chair or fuzzy blanket for little ones to sit on. I have a variety of chairs, stools and blankets for your kiddos to sit, lay or roll around on during their session. Having a specific place for them to be often helps to ground them and keep them still for a few photos during the session.

4. An item showcasing a favorite hobby or accomplishment. This is great at all ages, but especially senior photography. I love allowing seniors to tell their story through the images we produce together and share with their friends and family the things that excite them most.

As I mentioned above, milestone sessions are really about celebrating the person in the images. That’s why I love keeping things clean and simple and letting their personality and interests shine through. These photos are some of my most favorite images when looking back on my own children’s photos and I love capturing them for others to have too.

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