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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Photography Session

In-home photography can be used for a few different purposes. My favorite sessions to shoot in my clients’ homes are Newborn and Lifestyle Family.

Newborn photography at home can be wonderful as it allows the family to get ready in their own home without having to pack all of their things and drive to the studio. It is also great if there are other children involved as they can change back into play clothes and go play or relax while baby is having their portraits done.

Lifestyle Family sessions are a great way to capture the family in their element, showcasing things that are unique to them. These sessions typically feature the family together in the living area, kitchen or playroom doing some of their favorite activities such as art projects, baking, board games, making music and more. They can also feature each of the kiddos in their own space working on things or playing with toys that are special to them. These make the best keepsake images!

Prepping the home for a photography session can seem daunting, however, there’s no need to panic. The home doesn’t need to be spotless (what parent has time for that?!). Just follow my tips below for preparing your home and you can enjoy a stress-free session that produces beautiful images!

1. Choose a location or locations with great natural light. I bring lighting with me to all my in-home sessions, but this works best when coupled with natural light from large windows or French doors. In-home sessions are best scheduled midday when the light is streaming down from above and coming into the home gently (as opposed to pointing directly into the window near sunrise or sunset time).

2. Open the window treatments. Let in as much of that beautiful natural light as you can!

3. Consider swapping darker elements for lighter ones. This helps bounce more light into the frame and does not cause harsh color casts on your images. This does not mean that you need to go out and buy new curtains, blankets, or throw pillows, just use the lighter items you already have in your home as opposed to the darker ones.

4. Declutter the chosen location(s). Did you notice that I did not say “scrub until it’s spotless?!” When shooting sessions in your home, you certainly don’t 6 inches of dust and a floor full of cookie crumbs, but daily life happens and a little dust or dirt isn’t going to show up in your images. What does show are stacks of papers, piles of laundry, sippy cups on end tables etc. Remove all unnecessary items from the session area so they are not distracting in your photos.

5. Relax! I am a mom of three kiddos. We play in the dirt, run to after school activities, make messes and don’t clean nearly as often as Martha Stewart says we should. I am not judging. I’m excited to capture your precious family and honored that you have invited me in to be a part of the beautiful chaos that is life with kiddos.

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